TC’s Massive Poll: Motion Control

Welcome to my Massive Poll, a new feature on TSA which should bring an end to many arguments and probably start a hell of a lot of new ones. This feature has been born out of my frustration in the many facts and figures that gush across the internet, mostly coming from crystal ball gazing analysts.

Remember a few weeks ago when they suggested 56% of all Xbox owners would buy Natal? That’s got to be wrong. Every week I shall be posting a poll regarding a topical subject and you, dear readers, can place your votes.

The following week the results will be published (complete with ColossalBlue pleasing pie charts) and we can see what the internet really thinks.

There are many of you who post in the comment section but many, many more who read the site but are unheard – silent majority, this is your time! A quick click and your voice will be heard and once and for all we can say if motion control will take off, if Modern Warfare 2 really is that good, if the moon is made of cheese and which is best, Xbox or PS3. Just kidding.

So, without further ado, the first Massive Poll – are you going to buy the new motion control systems?