What Happens When 128 SVER Just Hang Out?

Zipper have been claiming it was possible for some time now: the reality of having everyone on one map in MAG rendered and moving around together. Of course, while also keeping the frame-rate up so as to not have everything grind like some sort of stop-motion debacle.

Well, during a recent Domination match caught on film and posted over at the official MAG forums, it looks like the first PMC get-together has happened. What does 128 players from the same faction running around each other look like? Hilarious actually.


The ‘event’ came about when the OIC (Officer-in-Charge, the Top Dog, the Big Cheese) ContraBanJoe issued the following command to his army:

“All soldiers at the 5 minute mark meet back at the objective letters for pictures.”

And like good, obedient  followers, they hopped to it double-time.

Of course, the next big milestone will be getting 256 people to do the same trick, but we all know how impossible that’s going to be. There’s always one joker with a grenade who just has to spoil the fun for everyone.