PixelJunk Spaces Come Home Tomorrow

Along with Musicality hitting PlayStation Home tomorrow, praise be to the indie gods, we’re finally getting our hands on the oft-mentioned PixelJunk Museum and Shooter exhibition spaces.

Sure, they might just be glorified branded personal areas, but the arrival of the PixelJunk environments also finally signals the unlocking of the Shooter Flight Suit wares you may have earned while playing the game.


SCEE’s Alex Weekes states:

Once you’ve finished exploring and viewing the displays in the PixelJunk Museum, stop off at the store and pick up a new mask, headphones or shirt before heading to the PixelJunk Shooter Exhibition. Here you can unlock the PixelJunk Shooter Flight Suit items!

Returning to Musicality for a second, eagle-eyed commenter Carla_Birch has spotted that up to twenty-four people can be seen in recent images released showcasing the personal DJing spaces. This is somewhat surprising as, up until now at least, the maximum amount of people allowed per space is twelve. We’ll keep an eye out to see if Alex confirms Musicality also comes with approved planning permission to double spaces’ head-count.

Keeping with the whole Home vibe, Alex also confirms that both male and female MAG t-shirts for each of the factions will be available in Home tomorrow.