Heavy Rain Demo Available Now

So, Heavy Rain was on the Store after all, it’s just that it’s locked unless you complete the Four Days challenge.

Once completed, and the evidence is all submitted, you’ll get a code to download the demo which, according to this chap, is nearly 2GB in size.


So, hopefully you’ve been following the Four Days thing and you’ll be on your way to grabbing the code today – let us know what you think!

Update: it’s easier than that.  Head on over to http://www.precinct52.com/case1117_briefing (assuming you’re signed up) and then choose 4 pieces of evidence. They are:

  • The short cigarette butt from the cigarette butts
  • The odd right hand driver picture from the tire tracks
  • The diner with a Sphinx picture on it
  • The Origami Bird

And the code will be yours.  Thanks, Kotaku.