Disney Choose “High-End” Consoles

The CEO of Disney – Bob Iger – has revealed that they may be planning on dividing their attention between the different consoles.

During an investor call he was quizzed on the company’s stance on the video-game market and it’s here that Igor said that Disney titles were performing better on the Wii and DS compared to “high-end systems”.


The PS3 and Xbox 360 weren’t named but seeing as the Wii was, we’re assuming that that’s what he meant.

If you’re looking forward to Split/Second then have no fear as this was mentioned as an important release for the company. The more powerful of the 7th generation consoles won’t be completely devoid of Disney titles as video-game tie-ins of Tron Legacy and Toy Story 3 were also mentioned.

However, they have decided to be “very judicious” in how many they make and which ones they make.

An interesting comment was made on the subject of Marvel Entertainment. The comic powerhouse was acquired by Disney back in August 2009 for approximately $4 billion dollars. Igor stated:

We have some interesting opportunities with Marvel… That’s a brand we think would do extremely well on higher-end consoles.

This statement would indicate that Disney Interactive Studios will soon gain control over their comic book properties.

Source: Computerworld [via GI.biz]