Disney Pose “Serious Threat” To Publishers

Yesterday we brought you news that Disney were planning on dividing their Interactive Studio’s property between various consoles and that they were taking a “very judicious” stance on how many games they release. But, in a report from Screen Digest (reported by GI.biz), Disney are one of three companies that look set to pose a “serious threat” to other publishers. The other two companies in question are Warner and Viacom.

They estimate that by 2013 this trio will have a large share in the market. Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel Entertainment will aid them in their growth and Warner’s own target of becoming a $1 billion games business will be aided by their ownership over the DC universe as well as property such as Lord of the Rings. Viacom have already invested nearly $1 billion in several companies including Harmonix.


These giant corporations aren’t the only ones with aspirations of a larger profile within the games market. Two others – News Corp and NBC Universal – are also wanting to get involved and between the 5 companies over $3 billion has been spent on gaining that extra piece of the market over the past 5 years.

Do you think that EA, Activision and other publishers will be fearing this news or do you think that their IP is strong enough to see them ward off the competition?