Xbox Live Going Mobile

Over in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft is showing off its next generation of mobile phone operating system. WinMo7 or to give it its proper name Windows Mobile 7 represents a complete re-boot for Microsoft in the mobile OS area, as reportedly the system has been developed from the ground up.

With a completely new UI and a range of features which not only puts it on the podium with Apple’s iPhone/iPad OS and Google’s Android, but the breaking news is that WinMo7 could be ahead of its competitors, at least as far as gaming is concerned.


Although their demo hasn’t showed off what type of Xbox Live games will be able to run on the mobile platform, instead there is just the promise that games are coming, but they have let us see WinMo7’s tight integration to Xbox Live and an implementation of the 360’s Avatar system.

As you can see from the Engadget pic above, social interaction is key to the platform, with the kind of game progress and status updates aping those found on the 360.

Unlike the iPhone, WinMo7 will be available across a variety of devices and operators and is expected to be released later this year, however just like the iPhone it is confirmed that the WinMo7 won’t be supporting Adobe’s bloated Flash plug-in from launch. We’ll have more news on Xbox Live’s integration into the mobile world later, when the dust settles.