Sony Ericsson Hints At PSP Phone

There’s been rumours of a PSP Phone ever since man heard heavy footsteps and rumoured it was a dinosaur so most of the stories fly over our heads.  But not this one, because it’s from the President of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg.

In the Monday issue of Mobile World Congress Show Daily (us neither) Nordberg admits that they “missed the window for high-end and touchscreen devices big time,” adding that “part of the recovery will be much better design and closer work with our partner Sony. ”


So far, so corporate. But wait, there’s more. “In the past there was no tie-up between us, the PSP platform and Sony, but you can expect to hear much more about that.”  So, that’s the lead guy at the phone company teasing about a tie-up between Sony Ericsson and the PSP.

Not the XMB, the PSP.