FFXIII: “It’s Stunning”

Every so often a game comes around that captures the hearts of gamers everywhere, and that game is here: Final Fantasy XIII. So much so, that I had to switch to my alt PSN profile last night to stem the flow of abuse from fellow PS3 owners over the message system. “I hate you,” one simply said in response to me playing it, and from a long standing inhabitant of TSA Towers no less.  Shame on you.

Sadly, I’m not actually reviewing the game, Peter is, and whilst official comment on the game from us is embargoed until nearer release I’m quite prepared to get this out there: it’s stunning. Seriously, it’s utterly fabulous. Naturally, most of us had hoped it would be, but I’m happy to say that from my few hours spent with the game yesterday I loved every single minute, and regular readers will know that’s quite rare for me.


final fantasy xiii

The cut-scenes are breathtaking, the scale and scope unrivaled and the in-game action, where it really counts, is pretty much perfect.  Square have nailed the combat, the on-foot movement is sharp and the game engine graphics, whilst obviously not quite up to the pre-rendered FMV, are excellent and merge into the footage seamlessly.  Oh, and there’s practically no load times too, and no install.   Hear that?  Amazing.

I obviously don’t want to preempt anything that Peter’s going to say and I can’t really say too much more for fear of driving myself crazy knowing that I won’t be able to continue my saved game for a couple of weeks but it’s worth re-iterating this: if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, or you like Japanese RPGs in general, you should already have this pre-ordered.  It’s rare that videogames sell out on release these days, but, well, you never know.