Crackdown 2 Going Natal?

Ruffian Games, developers of Crackdown 2 have suggested that Natal could make an appearance in a future Crackdown title.  “I don’t think that fits with what makes Crackdown, Crackdown right now” producer James Cope told CVG in a recent interview, but it’s “about mini-games,” apparently, so Natal could happen next time.

“I think Natal as an experience is great because it’s opening up a kind of social gaming thing and there’s a good place for that.”


“But that’s not to say it doesn’t fit in with what we want to do with it in the future… we have an opportunity to look at Natal… Because Crackdown is a bit of a non-sensical world and it’s about mini-games and having fun within that, we can look at building mini-games that make sense for Natal into the Crackdown universe,” he continued.

So it sounds like Natal may have a future in our favorite Xbox 360 franchises, but you have to wonder if it will actually start making an appearance in the main modes, instead of in lots of little party modes that we could probably do without.