Codemasters Bodycount Is The New Black

CVG are reporting that the new game from Codemasters and Black creator Stuart Black could be named Bodycount.

Codemasters have registered the name on The Trade Marks Journal and the UK Intellectual Property Office shows the patent was first applied for on April 1st 2009 and then registered on February 5th, which just happens to be ten days before rumours started to appear of a new game being in development.

The company have also registered the name in the US and in Japan, with both trademarks being granted in October last year.

A Codemasters spokesperson told CVG: “Codemasters regularly applies for and registers trademarks relating to current, future and potential projects. We do not comment on the use of those trademarks until the appropriate time, such as a new title announcement.”

It sounds to us like Bodycount could very well be the name of this new title, but of course until it’s confirmed we will mark it as rumour.