Tretton Is AntiNatal

Sony’s American boss Jack Tretton has been speaking out regarding Sony’s new motion controller and Project Natal. Needless to say while he is full of praise for Sony’s innovation, he is more than a little sceptical when it comes to Microsoft. 

Speaking to The Fast Company in a recent interview the SCEA bossmain said, “We introduced motion gaming with the EyeToy for PS2 – it was an incredible experience to be able to stand in front of the TV with nothing in your hands, and see yourself on the TV and interact with the objects there, but it was somewhat limited in terms of the type of gaming experiences. I think freeing yourself from a controller has advantages, but it also has key disadvantages. And we feel all that experience and all that learning, has put us in the perfect position”.


We’re able to take advantage of the camera, take advantage of the ability to identity yourself in 3D space, but then have controls in hand to do things like shooting and swinging an object, and much more accurately than ever done before. You can have it as an element of a game, you can do it as a dedicated game, you can do it in a social gaming atmosphere.

“None of our franchises are going to be out of the realm of possibility for motion gaming: it’s going to do wonders for MLB, for SOCOM, for Little Big Planet, and it will create franchises that nobody has ever heard of or envisioned.”

This debate has been rumbling over the past few weeks, with plenty of Sony Execs and Microsoft’s finest battling it out in a “my controllers better than your controller war of words”. It seems that we may be about to witness the Console Wars: Part 2 – Motion Wars, and even the Wii could join that debate.