Play Postponed Due To Heavy Rain

This morning was supposed to mark a good day; go into town, trade in games I’d finished with, get Heavy Rain and actually enjoy a game for the first time this year. Alas, this wasn’t to be.

Having acquired Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, a couple of Blu-Rays and the soundtrack to Shutter Island, I was in a good mood. I’d even bought a Subway to celebrate that mood!

Having inserted Heavy Rain into my PlayStation I was instantly greeted with news that a patch was available. I already knew about this patch and new that it had caused some problems for certain people but having seeked advice from TSA members I decided to go ahead. It appeared that those affected were in the minority. So, patch installed, game installed and a successful Murder Bird creation and I was on my way.

Everything was going well until it came to the FBI’s first segment – the bit that was in the demo. I was enjoying the game by this point but the first indication that not all was right came with the introduction of invisble cars:

Invisible Cars ftw

It didn’t stop there. Shortly after exiting my non-existant vehicle everything went silent. I can forgive the odd glitch so I quit game and started again. My car reappeared but the music and speech were sporadic to say the least. I then found that I was stuck as the conversation I was supposed to have with Police wasn’t happening. So I rebooted the PlayStation and loaded the game a third time. My car had disappeared again, music was glitchy and speech was like the car – missing.

Now what? I can’t exactly carry on and continue the game that relies heavily on speech if I can’t hear anything, can I? Well I suppose I could turn on subtitles but that defeats the whole purpose really.

David Cage managed to get Sony to agree to a delay in trophy announcements due to the sound possibly interrupting the flow and feel of the game. Err…David, I’d quite like to be able to play the game let alone worry about whether or not a trophy announcement is going to distract me. I now have no choice but to wait until this is fixed before I can continue, which doesn’t exactly make me a happy bunny.

I’m assuming this is the patch’s fault. If not, then I want my money back! It’s also worth pointing out that there are a lot of people who aren’t having any issues whatsoever. What about you?