Trophy World 27/02/10

What a great week. What is easily my most anticipated game of the year, God of War III, has finally had its trophy list revealed. That alone has made the week for me, trophy-wise, but there are some other lists to look at if you still aren’t satisfied:

To be honest, I’m relatively new to the God of War franchise. While I did play the PSP version a few years back (It was lovely), I’ve never actually played any of his PlayStation 2 adventures until late last year, with the brilliant God of War Collection. I instantly fell in love. God of War III looks to blow every other game out of the water, and scare developers everywhere with its beaming epicness. It is sad though that I doubt I will ever get this platinum, all because of just one trophy: ‘Unhuman’. While I will definitely try as hard as I can, I know Titan mode will hold me by the neck in just a few seconds and never let go until I plead like a little girl. I guarantee you that this will make Killzone 2’s Elite difficulty look like a walk in a park filled with conveyor belts. I’m waiting to see if anyone can actually do this, as I will bow down to them tout suite. Can you, dear reader, think of any harder trophy that requires more skill than being able to defeat Titan mode?


Some inhuman people actually managed to get the Street Fighter IV platinum, so this one should not be a problem for them. For the rest of us, Super Street Fighter IV is going to be really hard. Maybe it’s just that I stink at fighting games (I can’t even beat the Normal difficulty in Arcade mode with Ryu!), it really must be because I haven’t had any form of training… yet. If this game incorporates a proper training mode, with videos, then I may actually consider buying it, otherwise I’d just be paying good money to get my butt kicked over and over again.

Mega Man 10… ’nuff said.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

God of War III/ Bronze

Bloody Hell
Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies

Clearly, we’re in for one heck of a ride… my hype levels could simply not be any higher for this game. Seriously. See you next week!