Natal To Go Way Of The Wii

MCV are reporting that when Microsoft release their new motion camera Natal, the company plan to use celebrity endorsements along the same lines Nintendo used to promote the DS.

Given that MS bigwig Aaron Greenberg recently said that the company would be very careful with what type of games they allow to be released for the new device, it does make you wonder just what type of audience they are aiming for by marketing the product in this way.


As reported earlier in the week, MS invited an elite selection of media and some celebrity VIP’s, including Johnathan Ross to a special event to promote the device and it certainly worked with videos of the chat show host making their way across the internet the very next day.

While celebrity endorsement is all very well, it does seem to appeal more to the casual audience rather than the hardcore gamer, therefore it makes you wonder if some of the lower quality party titles which hound the Wii may find themselves gracing Microsoft’s console sooner or later.

Via VG247