Asumussen: God Of War Could Go Stale

Stig Asmussen the director for God of War 3 has revealed that he thinks a break would be good for the franchise. 

The boss of Kratos is worried about the series getting stale and therefore feels that spreading the time between releases would help to keep it fresh. 


I think there comes a time when to maintain a high level of quality… the bottom line is you can’t get burned out, and the source material can’t always be the same.

I want God of War to be one of those games where if there are more God of Wars, we’re seeing them spread out over time — it’s not like our studio’s making a new God of War every two or three years or something like that, and then the series becomes irrelevant. I like the approach of, ‘We just won’t make Metroid for 10 years. Why do we have to keep making Metroid?’ And then when it comes back, it’s fresh and you remember why you loved that game so much. I think it would be good at this point to take that approach with God of War… For a trilogy, it’s great. Let’s put it to bed for a while though. 

Furthermore, when asked about whether his studio would consider a portable version he said,”I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point; this is just kind of how I feel about it”. 

We do know the series will continue as the developers recently confirmed this, however it seems that Kratos may just be taking a holiday for a little while. 

Via 1UP