Six Days In Fallujah “Finished”

Though unceremoniously dumped by its publisher Konami last year on the back of a media backlash, Atomic Games have confirmed to IGN that the Iraq based shooter Six Days in Fallujah is not only finished, the game will be released after all.

Such a claim is somewhat surprising, especially considering the dropping of the game by Konami resulted in the studio laying off the majority of its staff.


The furore occurred last April when, just days after the game’s announcement, the media latched on to the title and deemed it inappropriate and ill-timed considering the conflict in the region is still ongoing.

In an eerie twist of life imitating art, Atomic Games have a history of making war simulators for the US Marine Corp, specifically working with the Third Battalion First Marines. When this very battalion was deployed to Iraq and ultimately returned, Atomic Games president, Peter Tamte, revealed that the men and women of the unit literally asked the developer to chronicle their experiences over in Fallujah in a game.

It’s now looking likely that we may finally get a look at just what happened though, currently, there is no news of just who will publish the controversial title.