360 & PS3 MMO On The Way

Independent UK developer Monumental Games has set up three new departments to cater for various projects. ‘Monumental Racing’ will handle Moto GP and the race engine and’ Monumental Conversion and Emerging Technologies” are working on motion control games for both not-Arc and not-Natal as well as augmented reality games. Finally, ‘Monumental Online’ will develop the online technology suite as well as existing MMO games, Football Superstars and Hunters World. The developer has also revealed progress on a console MMO.

“We’re currently talking to a big North American publisher about a deal on a console MMO,” said CEO Rik Alexander, “We’ll hopefully announce it in the next 3 months or something. We’ve already ported our tech onto it – it’s an ongoing process, we’re still developing tools and so on.”


The funding on an MMO on a console was also discussed and Monumental reveal they are ‘flexible’ when it comes to pricings. Rik explains,

“We have digital download MMOs already – Football Superstars and Hunter’s World – and we have a hybrid micro-transaction model. But we’re also more than capable of doing full retail packages as well, once we figure out the details with Sony and Microsoft with subscriptions and so on.”

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz