Heavy Rain Vouchers Now Redeemable

Heavy Rain fans who bought the Special Edition of the game can now use their vouchers to redeem all of the content, including the soundtrack which was unfortunately missing from the store last week.

A statement on the Official Playstation Forums by Community Manager Musterbuster states,

Hello detectives! 

For those of you with the Limited Edition of Heavy Rain, the voucher code for the Soundtrack download will now work. Please redeem your voucher via the ‘Account Management’ option on the XMB, or by selecting ‘Redeem Codes’ on the PlayStation Store. 

If you already attempted to redeem your voucher and have been supplied with a voucher for the soundtrack, you can now redeem this voucher also. 

If your download code still doesn’t work, please contact your local Customer Support line. For UK gamers – that’s on 08705 99 88 77

So there you go, if you haven’t redeemed it yet then now you can, and if you did redeem it before today then we suggest you call the number above so that you may gain access to the soundtrack.