Lunchtime Discussion: The Bad

Yesterday we looked at ‘The Good’, our favourite heroes. Today, as you can probably guess, we move onto ‘The Bad’, the best villains. Can you guess what tomorrow will be? Anyway lets talk about villains. Every good hero needs some nemesis to battle against, point and counter-point. Mario has Bowser, Sonic has Robotnik (I refuse to call him Eggman), Crash Bandicoot has Dr Cortex and Master Chief has… well a bunch of aliens.

A good villain should have a character as strong as a good hero, but one that you feel mildly repulsed from instead of connecting with. If The Joker was a far weaker character than Batman no-one would care about him, however DC’s writers aren’t idiots and have put a good amount of time and effort into fleshing out the villain’s character.

There have been a few video game villains I’ve genuinely disliked and felt that I needed to combat, needed to take them out of the picture. By far the most significant of these was in Red Faction 2. Whilst Red Faction 2 wasn’t a great game, I do remember that I genuinely hated the main villain, that he put your character (Alias) through a lot in the game and that I really wanted to destroy him in the final battle. It’s very rare for me to feel such hatred, I know there have been other times but Red Faction 2 is the only one I can easily recall.


So what villains do you think have been successful? It’s often harder to remember the antagonist than it is the protagonist, but there must be at least one that sticks in your head. Let us know who it is.

Thanks to Roynaldo for suggesting this series of articles via the Twitters. Have your own idea? Why not suggest it?