Slim losing more weight?

Last month a report surfaced of FCC filings for ‘new’ PS3 Slims. Those new models were numbered CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B, with the A & B indicating two different “HDD types”, or the 120GB and 250GB models.  No differences in capability compared to current model Slims were apparent from the filings.

Now a Japanese retailer is reporting that they are expecting to receive stock of a new model Slim, numbered CECH-2100A instead of the CECH-2000A models they have been getting.  Their shipping notification includes unit weight and that has fallen from 3.2kg to 3.0kg.


Now it could have been that Sony had simply come up with some more environmentally friendly packaging to save shipping weight and, as a result, cost but that would not have required a new model number and FCC certification.

The only conclusion is that they have managed to shave some materials and cost out of the PS3 Slim.  Let’s hope they shaved at least $4.50 off the manufacturing cost, otherwise that saving has already been wiped out.

The observant among you may have noticed the difference in the US and Japanese model numbers.  The fourth digit in the code denotes region.  So CECH-2100A is a Japanese PS3 Slim, North America gets a ‘1’, Australia and New Zealand get ‘2’, UK and Eire get ‘3’ and the rest of Europe gets a ‘4’.