GDC Sony Live-Blog

Hi everyone. We’ve been discussing the best way to do this coverage for you and while we will hopefully have a reliable video stream on the site we hear that a few of you wanted text coverage too. So, I’ll be watching the video, streaming live from San Francisco, and writing up the most salient points for you here in this post as a series of bullet points.

Just refresh your page every five minutes or so and hopefully you’ll be able to see my latest updates.

As well as the video stream and this live-blogged post we will be adding some of the bigger stories (if we get any) to the site as their own news items so that everyone can catch up in the morning. We might also write a nice succinct (or not) round up of events and have it go live in the early morning so you can all enjoy it with your cornflakes (other breakfast cereals are available, I’ll be having Cheerios).

Of course, there is no guarantee that we’ll hear anything worth talking about and there’s no guarantee that technology will hold up for us (including our aging, knackered old server). If things work out though, all your Sony GDC coverage will be right here, starting at around midnight (GMT). Stay Tuned.

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  • An invitation for attendees to go play the demos in the arcade next door and that’s it. All over.
  • “Virtually every third party publisher is on board with PlayStation Move” Slide showed Activision, EA, Ubi and Sega, among others.
  • Seems to allow for speedier aiming in an FPS. They said it has little overhead on the game (uses very little resources) and was quick for Zipper to add in to the development.
  • Here’s the PlayStation Move Sub Controller. There’s a snappy title. It’s a (wireless?) Nunchuck and they’re going to use it to play SOCOM 4 which is totally playable using only the Move and the “Sub”. That’s right, I’m calling it the “Sub”.
  • Ah, a fighting game, this is a bit more grown-up. Tracks various punches and spinning.
  • Now Move is being shown with EyePet. Clever implementation, cute setting and very precise. But still only casual stuff so far…
  • Little Big Planet will incorporate the PlayStation Move. The Move can be used to manipulate the scenery and help the Sackboy along. Seems to be used in quite an imaginative way, anything glowing pink can be grabbed and dragged.
  • Move Party, these titles are not filling the hardcore with confidence so far. It’s accurate but it’s also doing the same old compilation, casual stuff. Which will probably sell like craziness.
  • Sports Champions – seems like a compilation, including the arena fighting and table tennis (presumably others too). Like Wii Sports but good.
  • Here’s that arena battle game, sword and shield. It is graphically better than the E3 demo but basically the same game with added AI to fight against. Looks like fun, jump attack combos!
  • Under one frame of latency – the same as for Dual Shock or SixAxis controller.
  • Here come some of the titles for PlayStation Move from Scott Rhode…
  • Being shown with boxing, archery, table tennis, golf. All standard motion controller stuff so far but definitely prettier and more “HD” Looks like they’re working up the E3 “skeletons” demo into a kind of arena battle sampler or game too. An FPS shown, possibly SOCOM?
  • Being offered solus, with camera and game and as a full console bundle. Major marketing support and retail promotion. Camera, game and Move for under $100. More price info later.
  • It’s pictured with a wrist strap. Red, blue, green and pink glowing bulbs in images. People using two at a time – no nunchuck shown yet…
  • Now for info on PlayStation Move. Referencing the PSEye and praising Nintendo for the things they did with the Wii. But outlining the HD upgrade path from “Wii households”
  • ModNation Racers coming in Spring. GT5 will ship this year. “Saving a couple [of] surprises for E3”.
  • Thanking everyone that gave full scores to Heavy Rain. Talking about White Knight Chronicle as a stop gap for Final Fantasy XIII. And talking about MLB 10 The Show (which is, annoyingly, not out in Europe). God of War III is 35Gb.
  • Talking up Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2. Happy with marketing and new form factor. Namechecked Kevin Butler. “It’s been a “Banner Year”. 15% growth in 2009 on 2008 figures. “Hard time keeping the hardware in stock”
  • Playstation Move is the official name. Concept designs look to be spot on. Peter Dille from Marketing SCEA is coming on stage.
  • Preparing to unveil the motion controller. “…more precise, responsive and immersive real world experience”. Games will be available on the floor to try. For “both casual and hardcore gamers”.
  • Jack Tretton will be there, on stage. This fills my heart with joy. Jeff Rubenstein is presenting (with Chris Morell), he seems a bit nervous. Calm down Jeff, we love you. They’re talking about God of War a lot. Is that out soon…
  • The notice to silence your cell phones has gone out. I’ve got my mobile turned up full blast. I will not be silenced! Of course, I’m in my bedroom.
  • Right, we should be kicking off any minute now and my video stream seems like it will be stable. They’re playing some “bangin’ choons” or whatever it is you young people call them.