MPs To Answer Gaming Questions

The BAFTA building in London will play host to a gaming Q&A session on the 29th March where MPs from the three major political parties in the UK will get to outline their visions for the games industry.

Open to publishers, developers, retailers and anyone else involved in the industry, it will give people the chance to quiz those in power as to what will be done to help and support an industry that provides more revenue than the UK box office – which does receive financial help from the government.

Trade body ELSPA are holding the event and Tom Watson from Labour, Ed Vaizey from The Conservatives and Don Foster from the Lib Dems will be on hand to answer questions. They will be covering topics such as tax incentives, IP theft and future investments.

The event starts at 7:30pm March 29th and tickets will go on sale this Friday. Interested parties can enquire about tickets at questiontime2010[at]elspa[dot]com. Those in attendance will be able to submit questions before the event.