Doctor Who: Game Confirmed

Cast you mind back to a few weeks ago when I reported the BBC was touting round the Doctor Who IP with a view of creating a series of games. Well, according to the ever so reliable The Sun,Wii will be getting the games! Hurrah!

Wait. What? ‘Wii’ will be getting the games? Yes, according to The Sun, Nintendo have paid £10 million to make Doctor Who exclusive to Wii and DS.

“The firm is planning to get it into shops in time for the lucrative Christmas market,” they report, “The game is at the early stages but is set to be based around the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith.”

The BBC are monitoring the game to ensure it is not violent. To Doctor cannot kick, punch, shoot or generally be mean to anyone, so expect a game where The Doc disables Daleks by dropping large trifles on them.

“You can’t have Doctor Who blowing things to bits with a laser gun. That would massively change the nature of the show.”

Update: MCV has confirmed it’s Nintendo only and will be out in October, distributed in the UK by Koch.