GT5 Gets Move Motion Control

Sony has confirmed a few more titles that’ll be featuring PlayStation Move functionality, including, get this: Gran Turismo 5. Yup, the super hardcore racing sim will apparently be getting motion control, er, control, alongside ModNation Racers and Split Second.  If this is the reason for the delay, there’ll be hell to pay.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this – Gran Turismo has always been a steering wheel kinda game for me, and Polyphony only knows how it’s going to control with a wand other than some arbitrary Wii-like side-on action, which, unless the thing is as accurate as a wheel, simply won’t work particularly well.

We’ll wait and see, of course.

Thanks, w3r3w0lf.

Update: looks like the “Featured Games” box is just that, not related to the story above. Still, if GT 5 doesn’t get Move support I’ll eat my PS3. ;-)