TC’s Massive Poll Results: Week 6

Welcome to this weeks Massive Poll Results Show, I’m Dale Winton* and like many of you I’ve been clicking my mouse across the Massive Poll. This week we asked you’re if the recent moves by publishers to include ‘bonus’ extras on new releases would persuade you to buy them rather than a pre-owned version of the game without the extras.

The majority of you are unconvinced by this tactic, TSA’er Mickey2010 commented, “If the pre-order bonuses are worthwhile then I will buy new but if the extra content is something like a few guns then I will just wait for a pre owned copy”

It seems lack of cash is a major player in the pre-owned market, Bunimomike said, “If they offer decent enough incentives then I’m sure there’ll be a marginal shift into the sales of new titles. However, much like the car market, I can’t afford something new so look to a pre-owned motor as and when I can throw down the suitable amount of readies.”

Another important point was raised by Patch: “Bear in mind DLC is only valid if you have a hard drive. I’m amazed no one’s pulled up the publishers over the fact they’re effectively selling nerfed games that some people will pay for and never get the ‘full’ version.”

So now on to those all important figures. Almost two thirds of respondents click ‘No’, indicating that the ‘bonus’ extras on new games will persuade them to give up their pre-owned habit, leaving 31% of you who are easily convinced and like shiny extras with your pristine, film wrapped games. Obviously the ‘bonus’ DLC plan has not swayed the majority of you but publishers will be encouraged that their tactics will have an effect on at least a third of buyers.

Check back next Tuesday for another burning issue (and I don’t mean that strange rash DJ Katy has picked up).

*Not really.