God Of War III Released Early In India

Whilst you and I sit awaiting our copies of God of War III to arrive on our doorsteps or in our stores, gamers over in India have been enjoying Kratos’ 3rd outing since Saturday.

India did share the same release date as us here in the UK – 19th March – but, according to indianvideogamer.com, the country saw the world’s earliest official release of the game on the 13th March – having been pushed forward by Sony.

The reason for Sony India’s decision is that an unnamed country in the Middle East broke the street date and, as a result, India experienced an influx of expensive imported copies. In an effort to keep sales high, Sony released the game almost one week early.

The game launched in America today with numerous outlets opening at midnight to massive queues. As said above, the EU date is this Friday.

Thanks, MCV