PSP, PS3 To Get Skinny App Store

We’ve mentioned an AppStore-esque interface and tools for the PSP and PS3 before (nearly a year ago, in fact) on TheSixthAxis, but last week’s GDC saw this finally come to life, with the “Skinny” software development kit (SDK).

Although a quick search on the official channels was fruitless, Develop is reporting that the cleverly named Skinny is a lightweight tool that will allow content creators to get non-game applications onto the PSN Store, easily.


Sony is describing Skinny as “a simple yet effective means for content holders to put their intellectual property on the PlayStation platforms without software development” and cites a day as the average time it takes to create the app.

Skinny is “ideal” for “strategy guides, game maps, cheats, training manuals, episodic videos, eBooks and eMagazines” and consists of a web-based editor/authouring tool and a software client for both the PS3 and PSP.

The user creations still require submission to Sony for approval, but this will quickly pave the way for lots of mini-apps on the PlayStation Store.  Look out for a TheSixthAxis app on your PSP as soon as we get our hands on it…

Thanks, superjag86