PixelJunk Racers Gets 2nd Lap

Dylan Cuthbert has revealed new details for their latest addition to PixelJunk Racers, which is to be known as 2nd Lap.

The new expansion will add trophy support to the game, which is something that everybody who loves Racers has been crying out for. The new expansion will also support uploading to YouTube, which is another great feature that is usually supported by the Pixeljunk series of games.

Another new feature detailed for the game is the Ghost Attack Mode, which basically gives you the ability to save ghost data anytime you finish a race. The Ghost Attack Mode also allows friends and rivals to download your data and try to beat your time, nothing like a bit of rivalry eh?

The 2nd Lap expansion has not yet been dated or priced, however we are hoping to hear more on this very soon.

Via PSNStores