Guerrilla Games: “Haven’t Hit The Limit”

Killzone 2 was a technical masterpiece, a fact further exaggerated by the stunning interactive (and free) realtime graphics demo that was released onto the PSN Store a little after the game’s release.

However, it appears that Guerrilla Games still reckon there’s some room for improvement.  “We’re satisfied that we demonstrated the potential of the hardware,” said Hermen Hylst, Co-founder of the studio talking to Edge this month.


“But we realise that further optimisations are always possible and that we haven’t hit the limit yet.”  Developers are always coming up with lines like this, but when it’s Guerrilla, we listen.

Rumours of a Killzone 3 reveal soon and a release for the third game next April have been circulating across the internet recently.  We asked Sony about the rumours, but received the “we don’t comment on rumours” line.