PS3 Sold Out Not Just In America

As we reported yesterday, it seems that the PlayStation 3 is becoming quite the item to have in America, as stores and online retailers are putting up their sold out signs.

Popular retailers such as and Bestbuy are showing both the 120gb version and the 250gb version as sold out, while consumers are reporting that the console is sold out in store too with Best Buy, WallMart and Gamestop all out of stock (see picture).

This is obviously not an ideal scenario for Sony, who launched God of War III in America on Tuesday, however they will be pleased that the console finally seems to becoming a must have item in the US.

Furthermore, it seems that the UK is also starting to feel the pinch, with Game and Gameplay showing no stock and Argos also running out online. Other UK online stores such as still have some stock at the moment, but with the UK’s largest videogame retailer running out you have to wonder how long the others stock will last.

Have you seen any retailers with a lack of PS3 stock or are there plenty in your part of the World? Let us know.

Best Buy – Picture by beardpapa