APB Looking For Beta Testers

RealTime Worlds have revealed that they are looking for Beta Testers to help test out their upcoming GTA style MMO All Points Bulletin.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of new players to San Paro in the coming weeks.” said Dave Jones, Creative Director at Realtime Worlds, “As APB enters this final stage of closed beta testing, we’re anticipating a huge surge of interest with gamers from all over the world applying to take part and provide invaluable feedback to the development team preparing us for launch.”


APB is set to launch simultaneously in North America and Europe later this year. For more information about APB and to sign up to the beta, log on to www.apb.com/beta-application.

We wouldn’t normally post PC news, however having seen this game in action at Develop last year, we can honestly say that it is going to be an epic game, and who knows it may even eventually make it’s way to our consoles.