What Happened At The Weekend

Another weekend is here already, how the gaming week flies when you are having fun, and you no doubt are having fun considering you are probably all sitting in front of your TV’s playing God of War III.

Anyway, it’s been another busy weekend in the world of gaming and TheSixthAxis, therefore here we are again giving you a quick recap of the last few days, for those of you who have been otherwise engaged.

So let’s get started.


Review: Colony Defense

The day started off with a review for Xbox Live Indie game, Colony Defense. This title is a Tower Defense style game which takes place on a 3D planet. It’s not the most sophisticated game in the world, however for the price it is actually decent fun. You can read our thoughts on the game here.

Mascots of Our Time

Everyone loves a mascot and in this opinion piece we discuss what character if any should be representing Sony’s PS3. The debate saw a lot of users go for the one and only Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, while others stuck with the obvious choice of Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet. But who would you choose? Let us know here.

Alan Titchmarsh vs CVG

A quite bizzare interview regarding the world of gaming took place on TV on the Alan Titchmarsh show of all places and what was to follow was one of the most biased and bizarre cases of debate ever seen. CVG editor Tim Ingham was on hand to defend the world of video gaming’s corner, however he was never really given a chance to get his very valid point across, which resulted in anger from gamers and also a very well written open letter of complaint from our very own Editor, ColossalBlue.

Elsewhere on the site today Zuler updated us on the trophies for the very latest games in Trophy World.

So as you can see, quite a busy Saturday, as is normally the case these days.


Sunday Thoughts

The day started with NoFi giving a very fair and balanced argument regarding Sony’s Move and motion control in general. It’s easy to be skeptical of the Move and as Nofi points out, of the games we have seen so far none of them seem to be utilizing the devices main strengths.

Incredible Move Footage

Sticking with the Move, this morning an incredible video appeared showing a tech demo (which incidentally was written in one day). The demo showed how Sony can use the device to manipulate menus on the screen, bending them and resizing them, it was all very minority report and even better all in 3D. You can catch the video here.

A Week In Screenshots (2)

Sometimes pictures say more than words, which is exactly why every Sunday we bring you A Week in Screenshots. This week we have screens from F1, Red Dead Redemption, Crackdown 2 and more. If you haven’t seen them yet them you should definitely check them out.

The Effect of Violent Games

Our Editor ColossalBlue gives his views on the effect of violent videogames and what the real problem regarding this could be. Is it individuals and us as parents at the root of the problem? And what other influences cause the bad press which surrounds videogames? Read what ColossalBlue had to say here.

TSA 247

Elsewhere we did manage to find a bit of news too, which was firmly placed in our brand new TSA 247 section. First up in the news was the Super Street Fighter Dojo Edition, which strangely enough is only down for a US release, despite having a Union Jack T-Shirt as part of the package. Also in the news was a release date for Ubisoft’s R.U.S.E, 20 games confirmed for Move and finally the Father of Final Fantasy tweeting his criticisms of God of War III.

It’s Monday

It will no doubt be another busy week on TheSixthAxis, with all of our usual features on the way and of course every bit of gaming news we can get our hands on.

Until next week though, that’s it for What Happened at the Weekend, let us know your thoughts on the past few days below.