MorphX Release Date and Details

MorphX is a third person adventure that is due to be released only on Xbox 360 at the end of May. The game is developed by 505 Games and is set in a destroyed Moscow. You take on the role of the Human Resistance who are fighting against an Alien Master race, currently on a mission to destroy humanity as we know it. While you are human, you have the ability to adsorb fallen alien DNA to allow you to use alien tech and abilities.

Ralph Pitt-Stanley, Commercial Director, 505 Games has this to say about MorphX“[It] gives players the choice of remaining purely human or taking on some characteristics of the enemy for a very different gaming experience, In other words, if you get tired of falling foul of a plasma projector claw, you can always opt to grow one of your own in retaliation!”

Sounds a little like a grown up version of Ben 10 to us but hey you never know. The game is out on the 21st of May. See screens below.