What Happened At The Weekend

As you know by now, What Happened at the Weekend is for those people out there that are too busy doing family and social stuff at the weekend, therefore allowing you to catch up on what has happened over the last few days on TheSixthAxis.

So lets get going.


As you may know, TheSixthAxis was having a few issues over both Saturday and Sunday, however that didn’t stop us from trying to pack the content in, therefore although TSA did suffer some downtime we still have plenty to talk about.

Interview with Steve Lycett

Saturday really started with a bang as we interviewed Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital regarding Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing. This is certainly one not to be missed, especially since he reveals some never heard before juicy details.

Hydro Thunder Returns

News emerged that Hydro Thunder is making a return. Unfortunately the game is only coming to XBLA, however if you have a 360 then you should be very pleased, because this looks very sweet indeed.

God of War Patched

Kratos got himself a v1.01 patch at the weekend, fixing some controller issues that a minority of players had been experiencing. You can read all about it here, well that’s if you have managed to drag yourself away from your PlayStation 3 yet.

Trophy World

You want trophies? Well Zuler has been on overtime to give you them in the latest edition of Trophy World. This week there are an incredible amount of trophies added to the list, proving that TSA’s trophy list continues to be one of the best around.

Bonus Content

This week in Bonus Content Kovas talks twitter. Love it or Hate it, Twitter seems to be something that you can’t get away from, either you are addicted and can’t stop tweeting or someone you know is doing it. I love it me.

Elsewhere on the site today we revealed the date for the Skate 3 Demo, published a  Q&A from Microsoft regarding their partnership  with Sandisk and also talked about Sky and PlayStation launching their Freestylers competition.


Sunday seems to be just like a regular weekday on TSA recently and that continued this week with some great content hitting the site.

Sony Talk Resistance 3

First up was the news that Sony has been questioning users regarding Resistance 3. The survey which was sent to random PS3 owners asked if they think Resistance 3 is coming, and also whether or not they’d actually buy it if it was. So what do you think?

A Week in Screenshots (3)

Thanks to everyone’s feedback, our lovely gallery of the week’s news returned for its third week. A Week In Screenshots not only covers news that we have published but also any screens we may have missed during the week, so it’s a great place to let your eyes do the thinking.

Review: Hamsterball

The first of two reviews, so what do you get if you put a hamster in a ball and race around some crazy tracks? Well apart from a dizzy rodent, you also get Hamsterball and we reviewed it. Read all about the game here.

Review: Section 8

We checked out the 32 multiplayer shoot-fest that is Section 8 and as it turned out, it’s not that bad. Sure it’s no Halo beater, but it still may be worth your time reading our review just to see if it is for you.

The Question Mark

Chapter 17 of The Question Mark is here thanks to Bioeye. Those of you who have been following the series have no doubt been waiting for this one, so if you did miss it then you can catch it here.

Finally on the site today we also revealed some rather big news. First up was the reveal of the Splinter Cell Conviction launch trailer, someone is in trouble for that one. Elsewhere we also revealed the new Resonance of Fate launch trailer, found out that Call of Duty 7 may already have a name and finally revealed that Heavenly Sword makers Ninja Theory are working on a new “secret” game.

It’s Monday

So here we are again, the gaming news week is about to start and we have no idea what big news it will bring. What ever happens in the World of gaming though, you can be sure that we will be here to cover it.

Until next week, that’s it for What Happened at the Weekend, let us know your thoughts on the past few days below.