Street Fighter IV Record Smashed

How good would you say you are at fighting games? More specifically, how good would you say you are at Street Fighter IV? Unless I’m able to get my opponent on the ground and perform the same move over and over and over, which in no way annoys or infuriates people, then I’m pretty bad. Whatever your answer, the chances are this guy is better than you!

To celebrate the newest edition of the Guiness World Records 2010: Gamers Edition, a Gamestation store in Hull’s Prospect Centre held a special event this past Saturday whereby the record for the ‘Longest Winning Streak on Street Fighter IV’ was well and truly broken.

Ryan Hart, the Official European Street Fighter IV champion, battled 169 opponents and beat every single one of them. Yes, you heard that correctly…169 consecutive wins.

It took Ryan 4 hours to smash the previous record by 61 victories. The quickest win of the event occurred in just 7 seconds although the average lifespan of his opponents wasn’t much more at 12 seconds.

Adjudicator of the event and Editor-in-Chief of Guiness World Records described Ryan as a “terminator” and enthusiastically summed up the event as a “massacre in Hull.”

Ryan simply said: “…I just put my mind to the task and got on with it. It was a great result.”

It kind of puts my record of 3 consecutive wins on Soulcalibur into perspective.