Firmware 3.21 Now Live

Firmware 3.21 for the PS3 is now live, and with it the removal of the OtherOS facility, something which has brought much discussion to TheSixthAxis this week, with one blog saying nobody will miss it, and another saying the opposite.  3.21 and Linux, like Marmite and olives.

Whichever camp you fall into though, if you wish to continue using your PlayStation 3 as a gaming device and connect online to the PSN, play online games and browse the store and be good, you’ll need to update.  Switch on your PS3 and you’ll be prompted to do just that.


If you’re wanting to keep your Tux and play online, though, there’s a temporary hack which tricks your PS3 into still allowing online access to the PSN instead of updating.  We’re not suggesting you do this, mind, as it still won’t let you play games but you’ll retain some PSN functionality.

Tales of woe, desperation and horror: feed them in below.