Cage: Microsoft Lied About NATAL

According to Heavy Rain creator David Cage, Microsoft were less than honest when demoing their upcoming NATAL technology to the masses during its infamous reveal at E3 2009. Confirming that he has seen NATAL and is “really curious to see what they’re doing with it,” the producer goes on to criticise Microsoft for inferring that the device will be able to perform certain tasks he believes are impossible.

The main gripe Cage has with the demo relates to the footage of a boy showing NATAL his skateboard and then riding off on a digital version. Cage states:

“We are in the industry, we know what’s feasible and what’s not.”

The studio head continues:

“I thought it was a little bit lying to present it that way, because it will let people think that they will [get] something that they are not really close to getting.”

Of course, Microsoft are not the only company purporting outlandish features as part of their impending motion controller technology. A recent ad by Sony for their Move controller suggests that, not only will it transform all of your friends into beautiful, smiling facsimiles of their former selves, but you, too, will become a gurning muppet after exposure to the nefarious device.

Source: Destructoid