Disney Sing It: Family Hits Rated

Insidious karaoke monstrosity Disney Sing It: Family Hits has been rated by the ESRB for the PS3. Careful not to irk its usual demographic, the musical malady is given an open-arms “Everyone.” That said, it’s not all pristine family values, with the game quoted as having “Comic Mischief” and “Mild Lyrics.” Mickey dropping some F-Bombs in “Old McDonald Had A Glock”? Not quite. To be honest, I’m just going to stop now, as nothing I could write would be as funny as this:

“This is a karaoke music game in which players sing along with music videos from several Disney movies. Players can score points for matching the pitch and duration of notes streaming across the screen. In some background videos, there are depictions of animals getting bonked on the head or monsters getting sprayed in the eye. A reference to wine can be heard in the lyrics of one song (e.g., “Wine’s been poured and thank the Lord”).”

Praise Jebus! Bonking animals! Eye-sprays! Flagrant cartoon drunkenness!


Disney Sing It: Family Hits will also be available on the Wii. (Where it belongs. ZING!)