Gran Turismo 5 Dated?

Mosey on over to and search for Gran Turismo 5. Be prepared for a shock though, as instead of getting back the predicted “Due for release: Muhahahha!,” instead you’ll actually see a date. 24/09/2010 in fact.

We’ve known for some time now that Polyphony’s constantly delayed racing sim will not surface until the fall (which fall is anyone’s guess), but is this a definitive date that might actually be hit? It wouldn’t be the first time a retailer outed an official release date by jumping the gun and updating their site. And if one site isn’t enough, CDWOW also state the exact same date.

A recent study found that 33% of people who plan on buying Gran Turismo 5 don’t actually own a PS3. Which just boggles the mind when you think about it.

Thanks jimmyjrg and bunimomike