Resi Evil 5 Ready For 3D

Capcom’s MT Framework, the engine behind Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2, is ready for 3D.  According to Famitsu (via AndriaSang) Enterbrain’s CEO Hirokazu Hamamura has spoken recently out on not just Sony’s adoption of the new technology but also third parties and their role in the cutting edge of videogame graphics.

The one third party singled out was Capcom, who’s MT Framework engine is already 3D compatible and, indeed, Resident Evil 5 was “3D-ready” even during development.  Sadly, this doesn’t mean that both games will automatically see upgrades to enable them to run in 3D on PS3s, but it’s encouraging to know the technology is in place across the board and not just at Sony HQ.


Sony has been showing off PlayStation 3s running in 3D for some time now, with many suspecting that existing key titles like Killzone 2 will be the first to be converted for the new televisions once the required firmware hits our consoles (and the TVs go on sale) – the current target for all this kicking off is June / July this year.  Anyway, nevermind Capcom – are you ready?