Dead Space 2 Details

Further details of the upcoming limb lopping sequel, Dead Space 2, have emerged. The game will take place on one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, and will feature a large city space called ‘The Sprawl’. This location gives the development team ‘plenty of opportunities to scare the shit out of players.’

The game will build on the original dismemberment game play but now includes the ability to pick up blades using kinesis and then use them to spear the Necromorphs against a wall. It has also been revealed that limb dismemberment will be a feature of the multiplayer game – quite how that is going to work is anyone’s guess.


Dead Space was accompanied by comics and an animated movie, and Dead Space 2 producer Steve Papoutsis has teased that there may be more to come.

“We have some neat stuff in store for fans of the Dead Space universe,” he said, “I can’t really say more than that right now.  Keep your eyes / ears peeled for some cool stuff down the road.”

The audio logs from Dead Space will also return to fill in the back story.

“The back story for Dead Space is really, really big, one of our goals is to deliver as much of it to players as we can, provided it’s not forced on them. That is one of the things I think we did a good job of on Dead Space. Instead of forcing people to hear all of the back story elements we let them collect and enjoy it if they wanted to.”

“Now that Isaac talks there will be an even greater importance on them and how they move the story forward.”

Source: RelyOnHorror