PS3 Monkey Island This Week?

As we said in our review of the Special Edition nearly a year ago (wow), the updated, hi-def version is a brilliant take on the original classic, grabbing a fantastic 9/10 score back last July.  Well, PS3 owners have been left out in the cold regarding a release date for the PlayStation console but TSA reader Wilboss has emailed us this link to a Facebook page all about Monkey Island.

On the Facebook page are comments from the page owner, a certain Monkey Island Adventures, who, after advertising the Mac version says that “PSN will wait to wait… until Thursday,” following up with “I hope that doesn’t give too much away.”  Well, it’s giving something away, because if the game doesn’t launch this week then surely we’re about to get a firm release date for the PS3 version instead?

Whichever, the Special Edition is an absolute must buy, so keep your eyes peeled to TSA for any updates.