Lunchtime Discussion: Leaks

It seems that no one knows how to keep a secret any more. I’m sure that back before my parents decided to get dial up and I was resigned to reading magazines for my gaming news when something was announced it actually came as a surprise to me, and everyone else. This has all changed with the digital age. Sure I still get some news from magazines, they have more time to work on stories so they tend to be more comprehensive and nicely laid out, but most of it comes from the Internet now and a good proportion of that news is now leaks.

It kind of depresses me really. I like being surprised by an announcement, by some new hardware taking me entirely by surprise. I like being able to speculate and hear the general rumours that are floating around about some new product, but when we have events like last year’s pre-emptive unveiling of the PSP Go and PS3 it just ruins the fun. So why can’t companies keep a secret any more?

Of course a big part of this is that we now have the internet. Anyone can be a source of information now, and can push out the information essentially for ‘free’, at least when compared to the cost of publishing that information in physical media. Add to that the fact that information tends to get spread around most of the internet within a few hours, along with cameras being pretty much everywhere now, and you have the perfect environment for leaks to spring and get spread very quickly.


So once again it’s time to throw open the doors of discussion. Do you dislike leaks as much as me? Would you rather companies managed to keep things under wraps? Or do you prefer to not the secrets ahead of time? Whether you like or dislike leaks why can’t they keep anything secret any more?