PSN Store Day Move Not Due To 360

Fridays – they used to happen on Fridays, the PSN Store Updates. Until one day when the Man That Presses The Button fell asleep and there was nothing all weekend, that was the day they moved them to Thursdays.  Thursdays have been fine – I quite like the ring that F5 Thursday has to it – but with Xbox 360 Marketplace updates happening on Wednesdays PS3-only owners have always been a day behind.

We reported back in March that the Store updates were moving to Wednesdays, it’s the middle of the week and ties in nicely with the 360 updates, so there’s a bit more parity between the consoles.  However, a comment made by our friend Mike Kebby in yesterday’s penultimate Thursday update suggests the move was nothing to do with Microsoft’s day long leap on the download goodies after all.  Let’s extrapolate.


First, Mike says that the reason we’re getting updates a day early is because of the US Store updates, which are moving to Tuesdays – “so a Wednesday store publish makes more sense” – and the reason the US Store updates are moving to Tuesdays is because “that’s when UMDs are released over there”.  And, of course, most of mainland Europe gets new games released on a Wednesday.  It’s only the UK that waits until Fridays.

SCEE know that we’re all a bunch of moaning monsters anyway, though.  “We also moved,” said Mike, “because if we had stayed on a Thursday publish day, we would have been too far behind the US, and I know a lot of users wouldn’t be happy about that.”  The PSN Store update posts over on the EU Blog are always a source of much, er, interest as legions of angry PS3 owners continue to complain about 64×64 pixel avatars.

It’s the internet.