Trophy World 24/04/10

Welcome back to Trophy World! Seems like the effects of May have finally breached the land of trophies, with eight trophy lists posted this week, out of which three of the lists are from the games of May. One also has to give credit to the recent store update, being one of the better updates of the year.

Seems like adventure games are finally making a splash on the store. We got Sam and Max last week, and now the US has been gifted with The Secret of Monkey Island. Don’t worry, we should see it make an appearance on our store soon, so your Guybrush dreams aren’t crushed just yet. The trophies don’t look too hard, but may take another playthrough if you miss a few things or decide to use hints. I really can’t wait to start playing this game, I’m in need of a few laughs.

ModNation Racers. Instantly, I’m reminded of the good times I had with CTR, easily one of the best games of the PS1. This time though, you don’t just race, but you can create and share as well. Unsurprisingly, our own Nofi is absolutely hooked to the game and I expect that to happen to many of you when May comes around. The variety in the trophies makes for a great trophy list, with silverware divided equally among the three main features of the game: Race, Create, Share. I’m just hoping someone nice uploads their bonus Kratos mod, because let’s face it- how badass would that be?

Skate 2 was my first skateboarding game and I really did enjoy it. Sadly, the difficulty later on put me off completely, and the police all over the place were just plain frustrating. While the control scheme was really interesting, it was hard to always perform the trick you wanted due to how precise you needed to be. Skate 3 looks to address all these problems with a difficulty option, no authority and an analog stick on the bottom (during training) to show what you’re doing wrong, respectively. The trophies look similar to last year’s offering, so they shouldn’t be too hard for you Skate veterans. Thankfully, there is no difficulty trophy in sight, so you can play on Casual and still get that shiny platinum.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

ModNation Racers/ Silver

Join the Team
Beat all 28 developer best lap times in career

This is probably going to be the hardest trophy in the game, unless the developers are terrible at their own game, which I highly doubt. Look out for those YouTube videos after May 21st. I know I’ll be needing them… see you next week!