A Greener PS3Slim

Sony have released a new version of the PS3Slim which contains a new cheaper and greener graphics chip, as the RSX GPU has been shrunk from 65nm to 45nm. The reduction in size will lead to fifteen percent drop in power consumption, but also has many other advantages for Sony and potential new owners.

Along with the revised RSX chip there are some other changes including swapping the RAM from 4 x 64MB to 2 x 128MB XDR chips, a further reduced power supply and a smaller, simpler cooling system – all of this points a system which will run at a much cooler temperature further reducing the threat of YLoD and by having fewer components will be cheaper to produce, maybe even helping Sony turn a profit on each unit sold.


Below is a table detailing the drop in power consumption from the original Slim (CECH-2000A) to the new (CECH-2100A) revision, the falls in power consumption are even more impressive when compared to the original 60GB PS3 models which used a substantial 160W of power during Blu-ray playback.

Thanks, PlayStation University.