TC’s Massive Poll: PS3 DRM


The Massive Poll returns after a brief hiatus due to, well lots of things. As ever we shall be dipping our toes in the murky water of gaming and seeing if it is nice and warm and prefect for a swim, or alternatively it is cold and hostile and it will shrink your Divinas to the size of baked beans. As topical as ever (see the early arguments here) this week we’re asking what you think of Capcoms test of PS3 DRM. 

To recap: Last weeks release of Final Fight will connect to the internet every time you start to play the game and you can only play the game on the account on which it was downloaded. This is to stop more than one copy of the game being played and effectively stops those who game share. You can still download the game five times to your account, but only one copy is playable at any one time. 


What is you opinion? Surely Capcom should be able to protect their games, after all who has five Playstations all on at the same time? Perhaps you think game sharing is a good thing and Capcom have the wrong idea? They have stated this is a ‘test’ of DRM so get voting and let them know your opinions.