Jaffe: No New Game At E3

David Jaffe has revealed via twitter that he will not be showing off his new title at E3, despite rumours stating that he will.

Speaking in response to another user who was questioning  Jaffe on the Pre E3 list (below) the developer said,

Well I assure you 100% that is not accurate. If my game would be at E3, I would be there. ALSO we are NOT making that game.

I will say this about the list: makes me excited for E3! Even tho I’m watching it from my home, I can’t wait already!!!!

As for the list, well we have no idea where it came from other than Twitter, however it is a pretty impressive list, Road Rash HD, God of War 3: Afterfall, Mass Effect 3.

If this is anywhere near true we are already hitching a way to E3 to catch a glimpse of what could be the best event yet.

One more thing, list this as a big fat rumour for now.