TC’s Massive Poll Results: Week 9

A very short Massive Poll results show tonight as we have the Election special  tomorrow morning. I know, I’m late posting these results, I’m a very naughty cub. Sorry.


Last weeks burning question centred on the PS3 DRM furtively slipped in to the PSN version of Final Fight. The game would connect to the internet every time you started to play and you could only play the game on the account on which it was downloaded. This was an attempt to stop game sharing. What did TSAins think of this new tactic? Regardez le camembert!*

What a particularly neat pie chart. Most of you agreed with ‘newsky87’ when he posted, “Terrible idea. Or at least a poorly executed one. It’s a classic case of everyone getting punished because of the actions of a small minority.”

One of the minority, ‘jimmy-google’ suggested that game sharing has a positive effect, “Without game sharing being available I wouldn’t have bought many psn games at all and there is no chance I’d have bought a pspgo.”

Stay tuned for our General Election special tomorrow morning. Will the rest of the UK agree with TSA? If they know what’s best for them they should.

*( Google translate insists ‘Pie Chart’ in french is camembert rather than ‘pied graphique’)